And here I am

David's travels

I remember not long ago I was at home sitting and staring at my computer screen. I was taken back by what I saw on the screen. Have you ever had a moment in life where something crossed your path and you knew if you took that next step or leap into the unknown you would never be the same? It’s a terrifying feeling yet so intriguing at the same time. Quick back story growing up I tried to play it safe well at least for the most part I can be a bit of an adrenaline seeker. I loved to explore new places but never went far enough where I became scared. I understood my limits I played it safe. Also, being brought up in a household where life revolved around faith in God and church I had a pretty good view and idea of what life as a Christian looked like. As I got older I went on a few missionary trips with my church and I just loved it. I knew I wanted that to be part of my life going forward. I started going to Ukraine every summer and it was great but somewhere deep down I always wanted something more something that would push me to abandon more than just 3 weeks of my life and that’s when I found the worldrace. Funny thing is I never really looked for it or other longer-term mission trips I stumbled on it by chance. I was sitting at home watching youtube videos about who knows what. I remember looking up some traveling videos because I always wanted to travel abroad but I didn’t know where to start. As I continued to surf youtube on my suggested videos popped at thing called the worldrace it sounded interesting, so I clicked on it and little did I know it would start in me a burning desire that I just couldn’t quench. As I watched the short 2-3 min video I sat back in my chair and just thought wow this is so me I would love to do something like that. I mean I would get to travel the world for 11 months exploring deferent cultures and ways of life something I always wanted to do and do ministry all at the same time sharing the gospel and Gods love as I went. What can be better? Right? Dreams, we all got them. For 2 years I tried to suppress that desire thinking no way would it be possible for me to go. I finally had a job worth holding on to. I was heavily involved with my local church which I love, and I thought I would be letting them down if I just got up and left for almost a year and  where would I even get the money to do a trip like this? It seemed like only a dream one that I would just play it safe on. But that something inside of me kept persisting. I remember every few months I would go to the worldrace website and watch a few more videos, look up future routes thinking to myself maybe one day. I started to pray to God saying Lord you see my heart, how I want to faithful to you and your people, but I can’t shake this desire to go on this trip if its from you Lord let it be but if its my own then take it from me. As the months and years passed by I came to realize that the desire was not my own but from the Lord so I started praying Lord, make it happen. And slowly things started falling into place and the dream of me going on the race became more and more a reality. As my financial situation improved I was able to take the time off work and my boss even said that when I come back from the race and if I want my job back they would gladly take me back how awesome is that? When I started to let my church community know that I would be leaving it was hard but they reacted opposite of what I thought. Their love and support for me was overwhelming. I thank God for all their prayers and support­ they are so wonderful, and I can’t wait to go home and share this journey God has placed me on and my story with them.

Now it’s month 7 and there days I still can’t believe I’m here. God is good and He fulfils the desires of the heart. I don’t know what path you’re on or what paths have crossed before you or maybe you’re at crossroads and you don’t know what to do because your scared to take that first step to what God is calling to. I’d like to encourage you to press in and trust Him with all your heart for He is faithful. He just might take you on a journey that will transform your life. Look where it took me.