We had interesting but fun few days this week let me explain. On our nursing home ministry they asked the guys on our team to do some yard work around the place so of course we where all for it, little did we know landscaping tools in a nusring home are not top priority so in come the machetes. Cutting grass with a machete aint no cake walk. Have you ever tried it? So the four of us go out back and do the best we can. Imagine four dudes swinging away with mechetes at grass with no clue what they were doin. Funny sight I know just ask the old guys at the nusring home sitting watching and laughing and cracking jokes in spanish as we where there swing away. But oddly enough it was a fun time going out there doing what no of us knew how to do properly. We even got to replant a few trees in that nice pasture that we cleared out. Then a few days later we the chance to go on the local radio for this university cool I know. They had a 30 min  segment that was in all english to help the shcool kids learn English so they asked us to come on and talk about what we were doing in Colombia. So we had a chance to share about our mission trip and that we are going to be traveling 11 countries in 11 months teaching and preaching about Jesus and our goal was simply to show Jesus to the world through our ministries and everyday life. How cool is that? Ow did I mention I got to learn how to plant carrots? It was an awesome week here! From davidgolub.theworldrace.orgFrom davidgolub.theworldrace.org

From davidgolub.theworldrace.org