This month in Cambodia we had an opportunity to do unsung hero month which is looking for new hosts to partner with for future worldrace teams. Unsungs can be churches or organizations the are working for the kingdom but don’t get recognition for their work and that just fly under the radar and we want to find those people and bring lift to them and help them further expand the kingdom of God alongside them. Last week we had a chance to partner with a local church founded by missionaries from the Philippines that does a lot of good work. We went on an outreach with them to a village where they have been working for a few years now with a completely unreached people that never heard the gospel. They have started bible studies with both the women and men teaching them about God and who He is and what He has done for us, and a Sunday school for the children teaching them about Jesus also and English. They hope to start a church their soon. I’d like to ask you guys to pray for them as the continue to do work for the Kingdom it’s called Victory Church Cambodia.

This month we also had opportunities to build relationships with the locals and sharing our faith with them and just going out and meeting with them whatever that looked like. Whether it was street vendors, shop owners, hostel workers, backpackers passing through Cambodia and even a Buddhist monk we all made it our goal to be intentional with the people around us to show the love of Christ in whatever form that looked like and ultimately share the purpose of our mission and that is to point them towards Jesus. It’s been a good month here and I’ve enjoyed every part of it. I've learned that doing ministry and being missional minded is not something we do when we are working with the church or go on missions trip only but its the way we have to live our lives everyday day following the path of Jesus for He was Kingdom minded always fulfilling the Fathers will everywhere He went.