So as I sit here in my room the night before I leave the US for almost a year hundreds of thoughts flood through my mind… What did I really get myself into? Am I ready? Do I even know what signed up for? But a still small voice calms all of those thoughts and says Do not be afraid For I am with you…

I still can’t fully grasp that the next 11 months I’ll be living in 11 deferent countries pursuing a life of abandonment for the sake of the gospel. As I ponder the feelings that are inside of me thoughts of excitement, nervousness, uncertainty, and eagerness to finally leave for my first country Columbia I can’t help but come into closer relationship with Jesus for I know I can trust in Him and lean on Him for He has never failed me before.

As we were in our last worship today as whole group of world racers before we leave for our countries God filled my heart with this thought…

!Your never gonna let me down!.

Sometimes as Christians we feel like we let God down by not living up to our name. I know I’ve felt that way before. In that moment I realized something clearly.

God is not dependent on us. He is fully sufficient and in need of nothing and out of His great love towards mankind He has reached down saved us from sin through His son Jesus Christ. There is nothing we can do that will let Him down. His love for us does not depend on our goodness or worthiness but its unconditional. Unconditional do you realize that when God made man and He looked at His Creation He said it is very good. Although we made a mess of things and separated ourselves from God because of our sin. He stopped at nothing to bring us back to Him, that’s the gospel that is the good news of Jesus. So that He may show us His Love His Grace His Mercy His Forgiveness His Goodness His Kindness His Joy His Peace and Ultimately Himself For He Alone is Good. For I know He has shown me those things in my life and I can’t help but share those things with others for that is the reasons why I’m going on this race.

Have you Heard The Good News?