Our Story

A tale of the Grace and Mercy of God

In 2001, according to God's will, a new church was born. It was given a beautiful name, Friends of Christ. It was formed during a time of mass immigration of the Slavic people. From its formation and to this day, we, as members of Slavic Evangelical Church Friends of Christ, are working for His glory, fulfilling the holy will of God. With the blessing of elders from Eben Ezer Church, a building was purchased on San Rafael Street in Portland, Oregon. Here Friends of Christ Church was founded. In 2016, Friends of Christ Church celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Over the years, the church met and overcame many difficulties, but today it is a friendly close-knit family. The Lord has greatly blessed His church.

The church has multiple departments, schools, and ministries. Ivan Golub has been the senior pastor since the formation of the church. Senior Pastor Ivan Golub is responsible for the spiritual and moral state of the church members. The church has a missions outreach ministry. Pastor Victor Uzhva is responsible for organizing and preparing missionary groups. Pastor Andrey Bagnyuk overlooks the missionary finance department. The administrative department of the church is headed by Deacon Andrey Krivolenkov. The financial state of the church is overlooked by Deacon Dmitriy Kalachev. Deacon Gennadiy Golubev is responsible for security and order in the church. Brother Yelisey Kharitonenko oversees the church's group of media technicians. Friends of Christ Church runs several schools. These include Sunday school for children and teens, and Russian language classes. Deacon Nikolay Bahnyuk is the Sunday school director, Deacon Andrey Izoita runs teen school, and Deacon Vitaliy Tsymbal is responsible for Russian school. The church has an amazing youth. Along with being deacons, Deacons' David Golub and George Salfetnikov also serve as youth pastors. Pastor Victor Uzhva is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the young families of our church.

Friends of Christ Church has four choirs: main choir, youth choir, teens choir, and children's choir. Irina Chernyak, George Salfetnikov, and Lida Golubev are the choir conductors of the main choir. Jimmy Naumov is the main conductor of youth choir. And last but not least, Viktor Novikov and Anita Martinov conduct teens and children's choir.