How training camp stretched my Faith

David's travels

So the long awaited training camp of world race came and went and I could not have been more amazed at what happened. It totally shattered and exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The love of Christ was truly on display through all the individuals that were there especially through all the coaches, trainers and speakers that spoke life into our hearts. 

I've never been so challenged in my life as I was at training camp to grow and learn from the people around me... I used to think that our faith only needed to grow upwards but didn't realize it had to stretch too in order to accommodate all people from deferent backgrounds of faith. Coming from a conservative background I was skeptical on a few things but seeing all the young men and women of God from all walks of life having that personal relationship with Christ was truly special and affirming that God finds us where we are and changes and molds us into people that He wants us to be. For He is Good. 

Not only was I challenged spiritually but physically too from our endless exercises to the 12 mile man hike with packs it was certainly no walk in the park. Not to mention all the countless sleeping scenarios we through as a spuad. Its incredible what we can go through when there are people around encouraging and ready to push us on. Unity is a beautiful thing. 

But the best part of all was getting to meet all the wonderful people that I'm going to spend 11 months with on the mission field serving side by side for the Kingdom of God. Each one of them has a story and purpose driving them to fullfill Gods will. From our team building exercises to our prayers together it was definitely a memorable time especially worshiping God together and seeing people being filled with The Holy Spirit praising The Lord almighty. We also witnessed Gods healing power as He moved with His Spirit. It was an incredible time. I will charrish those moments in my heart forever. Cant wait to change the world with you all! 

Did I mention the food was awesome too especially those fried crickets :) From beginning to end it was most definitely a blast.

World race training camp was one for the books. #YSQUAD